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Brian Hanson, K-State
Apr 03, 2018

Des Martens is the Director of Prevention Services for Mirror Inc. and Kim Stahley is the Coalition Coordinator.  Barth Hague will introduce this program and talk about some thing they are working on with local partners to build a Drug Free Youth Coalition in Harvey County.  This timely subject will be well worth hearing - perhaps we can hold hands to battle this growing problem happening in our back yards!

Des Martens / Kim Stahley - Mirror, Inc.
Apr 17, 2018
McGinn Farm - Carolyn McGinn
May 29, 2018

One of Kansas Premier festivals in Winfield Kansas.  Learn about the history of the festival. Also get an update on the upcoming and future plans for the festival.

For you Bluegrass lovers - this will be very interesting, as it will be to history bluffs!


Seth Bate/Bart Redford
Jun 05, 2018