Sep 07, 2021
Gena Richardson
Mental Health

I met Gena Richardson through Rotary youth exchange.  She is a licenensed psychotherapist and is active in Rotary promoting mental health awareness through their "Don't bottle it up" campaign.

She has actively participated in many beauty pageants and holds several titles.  She has found that these pagants off her a platform that further her cause while allowing her to be a mentor for goodness to younger future leaders.

Gena has a "glow" about her.  While she has striking beauty - the more you get to know her the more you realize her true gift is what's on the inside and her drive for making the world a better place is the gift she gives to her peers.

Gena is a southern girl - she will mesmerize you with her southern accent.  She is fun to be around and you will appreciate her humorous wit.