Jun 06, 2023
Sarah Jane Crespo
One Small Step

Founded in 2003 by Dave Isay, StoryCorps has given more than 650,000 Americans the chance to record interviews about their lives. The organization preserves the recordings in its archive at the Library of Congress, the largest single collection of human voices ever gathered. These powerful human stories reflect the vast range of American experiences, wisdom, and values and remind us how much more we have in common than divides us

One Small Step is a StoryCorps initiative that invites two strangers with different political views to sit down together for a respectful facilitated conversation. This is not a space to get into debates or heated arguments, but a chance for two people with different beliefs to share stories and experiences that have shaped their worldviews. We seek to bring people together from the same community, who may not otherwise interact, and create a space where they can share, listen, and connect with one another.


Wichita is one of only four cities in the United States where One Small Step is anchored. We partner with local churches, organizations, and businesses to engage their constituents in One Small Step conversations with others in the community. These conversations have already impacted hundreds of people in Wichita, many of whom still keep in touch. While we don't expect One Small Step participants to agree on political issues after one conversation, we hope they will see each other as human beings, not as "the other."