Ben Walker presents Certificate to President Hill

At their last December meeting Rotary Club of Newton President Gary Hill accepts a Certificate of Appreciation from Spec4 Ben Walker, son of Judge Richard Walker, given to The Rotary Club of Newton as a token of appreciation and in recognition of patriotic civilian service contributing to the accomplishment of the mission of C Troop1-124 CAV while deployed to Camp Victory, Baghdad, Iraq.  As he presented the certificate Spec4 Ben Walker expressed to the members he was impressed the club sent them 15 boxes of books.  As a result of the gift, they build book shelves and a lounge so they would have a place to relax and read on their off duty time which greatly improved the morale of the members of his unit.  A small gift of love and support turned into a large gift that will last as long as missions are accomplished in Iraq.  This was one of over 75 projects completed by The Rotary Club of Newton.  The Rotary Club of Newton was chartered in 117 and is 92years old and is the oldest service club in HarvyCounty.