Once again, we are starting to sell Colorado Palisade Peaches. They come in 20lb boxes and the price is the same as it was last year - $ 35.  We are now taking orders - you can make your order by sending an email to newton.ks.rotary@gmail.com or contacting any Rotarian. 

We are trying to pre-sell almost all of our peaches this year and will only have 150 cases (total) on hand for public purchase for the 2 delivery dates mentioned below. So - first come first serve.

The 2 delivery dates (From Colorado) will let us deliver peaches ordered in the Newton area at O'Reillys Parking lot on Saturday August 20th and Saturday August 27th. So peaches pre-ordered will be available to be picked up on those 2 days.

Sooooo, to be safe, if you want peaches, we would suggest you order them from a Rotarian or by email.  If you order peaches by email, please give us your name, where you live and your contact telephone number so we can contact you if we need to. 

Most people know, but the proceeds from the sale of these peaches buys 3rd grade dictionaries for all Harvey County School Kids. It's a great program and we appreciate your support!