Posted by Timothy Marlar on Aug 01, 2017


District Governor Robert Mendoza spoke about Rotary in District 5690 to the Rotary Club of Newton.  Mendoza shared his strategy for the Rotary year.  Loud and clear was a message to focus on making sure the District Clubs apply for Global Grants to make an impact in their community.   Mendoza also shared about a special program that he is requesting support for - a program that will help provide a "Rotary Meal Ticket" for students who have a negative balance on their meal plan in their school cafeteria.   As part of the official visit, before the meeting he met with the local Board .  He told board members "This year I will be asking you what your vision for Rotary is". As a municipal manager, he sees partnerships bred out of necessity. Rotary is no different. It is an amazing organization that can partner with our community in a many different ways. Rotary requires are individuals willing to work to see their vision become a reality. "Has the Rotary Club of Newton thought about what could be accomplish with the full force of Rotary Foundation as a partner"?  The year he is encouraging each Rotarian to "learn more about Rotary, share your vision and  work together to create something that will help others".