Have you ever wanted to take one of those vacations that push your physical endurance to the limits?  That's what Gary does as a tour operator.  Gary told his story about A LIFE ON THE ROAD to the club at the April 19, 2016 meeting.
A Life on the Road - Gary Scott
Gary Scott is a much in demand adventure travel and walking guide who spends half the year guiding in northern Italy.  Previously a world-class mountaineer and mountain guide, Gary has organized and guided over 250 international adventure travel trips including 40 treks and expeditions to Nepal and over 80 walking tours in the Italian Alps.
A pioneer of extreme rock climbing in Australia, Gary has over 200 first ascents to his credit and in 1986 he set a world-record for the first ever one-day ascent of Denali in Alaska climbing it alone and unsupported from the 7,000ft base to the 20,300ft summit in an amazing 18 hours - on a mountain that often takes 18 days to climb.  The record stood for 27 years.  He has climbed many famous mountains around the world and was the co-leader on two successful Mount Everest expeditions, reaching 27,500ft himself without using supplemental oxygen.
Gary left his native Australia at the age of 24 with a daypack, a passport and a one-way ticket to Kathmandu, Nepal, and he still considers himself to be on that same trip.  For the last ten years he has been on the road pretty much full time visiting friends and exploring different parts of the world while promoting and leading his walking tours.  He currently operates his travel company Right Path Adventures from his laptop wherever he is in the world.
A published author and frequent speaker about his exploits and adventures - Gary will be speaking about why the Dolomites of northern Italy recently became a UNESCO World Heritage Nature site and why it is his favorite place in the world.