Speaker Date Topic
Rotarian Larry Kenemore Mar 16, 2021
What's in your water

Larry is a retired Parametic from the San Diego Fire Department.  He has a passion for water.  He will come early - take samples of what we are drinking and tell us what's in it that we are not required to test for.

Larry and I parallel each other in many ways.  My company has been more and more concerned about pharaceutical residuals in drinking water over the years.  We have done projects where we were concerned about certain elements that might be in process water to be used for projects we consult or participate in.  We test for everything.  We have to know everyhting that is in water so we get the chemical reactions we anticipate.  It has been disturbing in areas that treat their affluent and discharge it into a river or stream - that eventually ends up coming our though a faucet in your home after setlling in Lake Cheney (or another lake) - the high concentration of crap that in drinking water that isn't required to be tested for.  Chlorine is a great thing - but there are things that it doesn't eliminate or kill.

Larry's company tests for this stuff and he has hooked up with foundations to provide the equipment necessary to the communities at little or no cost.

As for our other connection - I have been actively engaged in the WASH Rotary Action Group for several years providing technology consulting and as teh treasurer of their foundation.  Larry has been active in the WASRAG Action Group also but is concentrating on water quality in the USA.    

This will be vary interesting.  You might just find out why kids are maturing earlier and leran to never introduce old drugs into the sewage system.  




Warren Baldwin - Tentative Apr 06, 2021
Life in Today's world

Warren will be talking about Today;s world with a Proverbs look.  He will start off his talk with some comments that will lead us (hopefully) into a discussion about what role we might play that could lead us towards more civil relationships.  Rotarians might well be able to soften the divide we are currently experiencing.  No one really knows what that role might be.  

Warren has Minister for 39 years, 21 in Ulysses, KS where he has been president of Ulysses Rotary for the last 2 years.  He is a frequent speaker outside of his duties as a pastor and has written and published 2 books on Proverbs -  Roaring Lions, Cracking Rocks and other Gems from Proverbs and Charging Grizzlies, Rude Neighbors and more Gems from Proverbs.  

Warren is also involved in other Civic Involvement.  He is on the Board of Grant County Junior Leadership, has been involved as a Soccer coach (with his wife), involved with the Ulysses Ministerial Alliance, on the PEAR Board, on the Silver Maple Camp Board and Served 8 years on Library Board.

His interests include Reading & writing, Hunting, Community Youth Sports,  and Youth & Family Camps. 

His family is special to him, he is married to Cheryl and has 3 grown children and 3 grandchildren.

Warren has also been an area governonr for the old District 5690.

State Treasurer Lynn Rogers Apr 20, 2021

Lynn Rogers will be our Speaker for this meeting.  Lynn Rogers was sworn in as the 41st State Treasurer on January 4, 2021. Lynn is a businessman, former State Senator, and former Wichita Board of Education president, who has been fighting for Kansas families for decades. Lynn has more than 40 years of experience in banking, serving in a number of capacities for a variety of financial institutions.

This will be a discussion and visit about the fuunction of the State Treasurer's office - what is it's function, what does it do.