Speaker Date Topic
Karin Feltman Feb 15, 2022
Human Trafficking - a world perspective
Alan Wylie - Zoom Mar 01, 2022
43 Years with NASA - Hero's and stories

Working for NASA from 1967 to 2010, Alan had many very interesting experiences.  He will share those with Newton Rotary via Zoom.

Alan is a member of the Space Center Rotary Club and has been for the last 40 years.  He is very active in Rotary Youth Exchange and has led the Youth Exchange Choir at every SCRYE Youth Exchange conference for many years.  

A great guy and dedicated Rotarian, Alan is the father of 5 and grandfather of 12 along with his lovely wife Gaye.

This will be a very interesting program!



Cody Parr - Kansas Highway Patrol Mar 15, 2022
Human Trafficking - a Local Perspective

Cody has been a State trooper 19 years. He is a member of special operations criminal interdiction unit who has seized over 3000 pounds of illegal narcotics including Kansas' single largest methamphetamine load of 240 pounds. Cody Interdicted 3 abducted/kidnapped children. He teaches criminal interdiction at the state patrol academy. He is a former Bearcat operator, has had 17 Khp commander's commendations, was named Kansas narcotics officer of the year 2019, the Kansas chiefs of police valor recipient the last 4 years, the 2015 heroes of the heartland award recipient and the 2020 USIC national counter-narcotics force enabler award which included a trip to the White House.

Child trafficking is a big problem affecting a very vulnerable population.  Rotary has gotten real involved in doing everything they can to attach this problem.