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Andy Houltberg May 07, 2024
Breakthrough Episcopal Social Services - The Mental Health Crises
What's happening in Zimbabwe

Kennedy was born in Mutari, Zimbabwe, Africa sometime between 1948 and 1952.    The country's census records were not that accurate at the time.   Mutari is in the eastern part of Zimbabwe, about 10 miles from the Mozambique border.  He lived in Mutari through high school, then went to Seminary and became a Methodist Pastor.    From 1976 to 1993 he ministered in Methodist churches throughout Zimbabwe.  He became the youngest Assistant to the Bishop in Zimbabwe's history.   

In 1993 Kennedy came to the United States, for 3 main reasons:

1.  He wanted to give thanks for all the US missionaries who came to his home country over the years and brought the Gospel to them, and wanted to tell our country that the job is not done;

2.  He wanted to pursue his higher education by getting his Master of Theology and was admitted to Southern Methodist University in Dallas, TX; and 

3.  He loves adventure, and strongly desired to see the world and especially the USA.  

Kennedy had befriended a Methodist Bishop, Frietz Mutti, who lived in Missouri, and Bishop Mutti invited Kennedy to come to Kansas to pursue his doctorate.  So, in 1995 Kennedy moved to Kansas, where he has lived to this date.   Since 1995 Kennedy has been preaching the gospel as a Methodist Pastor throughout Kansas and has served as minister in the following communities:  

White City, Chautauqua, Lincolnville, Marion, Oswego, Quinta, Grinnell, Minneapolis, Ada, and is presently serving in Coldwater.    When the Lincolnville Methodist Church closed, the members sent the church pews to his home church in Zimbabwe. 

Kennedy has a dual US - Zimbabwe membership, and still takes annual mission trips to his birth country and is taking another one in late June.

Kennedy joined the Rotary Club of Oswego in 1998 and has transferred his membership to nearby clubs located wherever his mission has taken him.  He has been a member of the Oswego, Ellis, and Concordia Rotary clubs, and presently is in the Pratt Rotary Club. 

Kennedy is a member of CCIP, the Compassionate Consultation Initiative Project, where he actively works on international projects to benefit small businesses in Zimbabwe.  His most recent CCIP project involves the Sunflower Oil Project, which is intended to help small farmers in Zimbabwe produce sunflower crops to convert to sunflower oil, but has encountered some serious challenges in completion of the project.    

Prepare for an enlightening and heartwarming presentation by a man who has committed his life to serving others.